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Posted: Oct 5, 2022 - Last updated: Jan 31, 2023 SVELTE JAVASCRIPT WEBSITE

Welcome to the blog! I wanted to start this blog with a brief introduction to who I am and why this blog exists.

I am Jordan Calhoun, a 32-year-old from Pennsylvania. Professionally, I am a full-stack developer/ sysadmin/marketer/jack-of-too-many-trades at SAC Energy. I also build fine furniture in my free time.


Why I created this blog

There were a few main factors that led me into in the blogging world and to write the website myself:

Over the past year, I have stopped drinking alcohol and simultaneously became very interested in the world of productivity. With my newfound time and mental space, I have been looking for ways to apply lessons learned in the productivity space as well as strengthen my ability to write and create narratives. A blog is one of the outlets I have chosen to explore these two goals.

I decided to write the site myself to strengthen my coding skills in areas that I would like to improve in, namely Javascript and more specifically, Typescript. This site is written in SvelteKit and uses Typescript within it. I decided to write the site in SvelteKit over some of the more popular frameworks to further my understanding of frameworks I haven’t had any experience. I am primarily working in Ruby on Rails for our main project at work, so when I have a chance to try other things out there, that allows me to bring that knowledge back into those projects and determine if they should be integrated in some way, creating secondary benefits to what I learned.

If you are also learning any of these technologies or are just curious what the code for this site looks like, it is all open source on my GitHub page which can be found here. You are welcome to submit a PR for any issues you see or reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions!

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