Hi 👋, I'm Jordan

Jordan in woodshop Full stack developer, woodworker, hifi enthusiast. I am currently doing most of my work at SAC Energy, an energy company based out of Bedford, PA. I spend my mornings and evenings learning productivity strategies, designing/building furniture with my company Mortise & Co., coding, and spending time with my family.

Mar 11, 2023

How I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Today I want to talk about the steps and tools I used to finally quit drinking. My hope is that someone out there finds this post when they need it and that it is of some help to them.

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Jan 10, 2023

My 2022 Annual Review

When doing my annual review I characterized the year as foundational growth. As I laid out my goals for 2023, I realized none of it would be possible without the progress that I made in 2022. (Heck this Annual Review wouldn't exist without the lessons of 2022). In this post, I go over how I got here, my key takeaways, and what I'm going after in 2023.

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